Sopot Molo

Moloen i Sopot ("Molo W Sopocie") ble bygget som et sted for rekreasjon, og tilleggsted for lystbåter.

"It stretches into the sea from the middle of Sopot beach which is a popular venue for recreation and health walks (the concentration of iodine at the tip of the pier is twice as high as on land) or public entertainment events, and it also serves as a mooring point for cruise boats and water taxis. It is also an excellent point for observing the World Sailing Championship, the Baltic Windsurfing Cup and the Sopot Triathlon taking place on the bay. Sopot pier consists of 2 parts: the famous wooden walking jetty and the Spa Square on land, where concerts and festivities are organised.


Den første moloen ble bygget i 1827, og ble etterhvert utvidet til å bli 315 meter lang. Ca 100 år senere, i 1928, ble den utvidet til å bli 511, 4 meter lang, og fikk da status som den lengste tremoloen i Europa.

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